The 21 Conspiracy - Web Series (2008 - 2009)

"The best kept secret in Australia’s web scene ... Each episode builds the tension and mystery effortlessly, making you force yourself to click on the next one just to see what happens".
-Marc Hustvedt,

Aided by a conspiracy group, Winston must discover the secret that people only learn at 21 - before his 21st. As a budding romance forms with fellow collaborator Ayaan, he discovers the secret is far more pervasive and disturbing than he ever imagined.

The 21 Conspiracy is a 10 part web series shot in Sydney, Australia. On Halloween 2008 it was featured on Youtube by Wes Craven.

Episode 4 was nominated for a Webby Award and the series was recognised as an Official Honouree.





Winston comes close to solving the mystery

Colin, Ayaan and Winston contemplate the mystery

On a train

A Stake Out

A Meeting

A Meeting



Liam Andrew Miller as Winston.

Chanika Desilva as Ayaan.

Kaaran Watene as Colin.

Rowan Witt as Saul.

Vlad Bajovski as Taylor.

Louise Tan as Sara.

Leof Kingsford-Smith as Martin.

John Xintavelonis as the security guard.

Neveen Hanna as the stripper.

Daniella Serret as Natalie.

Daniel Balcaban as Michael.

Alice Keohavong as Helen.

Aishverya Nidhi as Mother.

Kevin Johnson as Father.

Greg Caine as Man.

Cinematography by Steve Anthopoulos.

Edited by Steve Anthopoulos.

Crew: Taylor Churchhouse, John Merkouris, Jen McPherson, Amy Wang, Elizabeth McCrystal and Jimmy Anthopoulos.

Promotional photography by Elizabeth McCystal.

Extras - Chelsea Buesnel, Elizabeth McCrystal, Jimmy Anthopoulos, Maryanne Asusano.

Episode three opening track: 'Work It' by S.Y.L.K.

Music by Owen James Matthews (1-8) & Joel Sarakula (9-10).

Written, directed and produced by Steve Anthopoulos.



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